Oly – 070419

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Fourth of July Schedule.
8-9-10 and 11am classes.

Have a safe Holiday

Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – Oly Class

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A.1: Power Snatch + OHS (2×1)

*Pause in the reception of PS

A.2: Power Snatch + OHS (2×1)


A.3: Power Snatch + OHS (4×1)


B.1: Power Clean + Push Press (x1)

Work up to a heavy single
*This is meant to be a MFD, should be an obvious PUSH PRESS if you get into Jerk territorty (CALL IT)

B.2: Power Clean + Push Press (5×1)

1+3@78% of MFD in part B1

C: Front Squat (3×5)


D: Clean Pull (4×3)

*Eccentric portion of last REP as SLOW as possible

Metcon (3 Rounds for weight)

Accessories x3

DB Hammer Curls x10

DB Skull Crushers x25

Steven RendonOly – 070419

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