MB Conditioning 082718

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Please join us This Friday August 31st at the Nautilus Lobby Bar for our first social event of the year!!!!

Location: Nautilus Hotel Lobby Bar

Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – MB Conditioning

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Metcon (No Measure)


Warm-up 3 rds

20 jumping jacks

15 light wall balls

10 Mt. climbers

5 inch worms

Each sec 3 rds 45 on/15 off with 1 min btwn rds double DB

Sec 1

Alt Floor press

Incline fly (shoulders on a wall ball)

Skull crushers

Sec 2

R leg split squats ( DB hang to the side)

L leg Split squats (” “)

OH lunges

Sec 3

Alt curls

Delt raises

Alt press


R single Leg DL

L ” ”

Bent over row

3min rest

800m run

Steven RendonMB Conditioning 082718

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