MB Conditioning 101018

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Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – MB Conditioning

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Metcon (No Measure)

Warm- up


30 single under

10 Sampson stretch

5 inch worms

Each sec is 2 rds of 40 on/20 off w/

4min to run 400m recovery run

After each sec


6 high knees/6 lunge hops

6 Mt climbers/ 3 push ups

6 toe touches/ 10 bicycle crunches


5 T2B/3 burpee reach

5 narrow squats/ 5 squat jumps

8 shoulder taps/ 5 supermans


6 crab toe touch/6 V-ups

6 side lunges/3 tuck jumps

4 spider man push ups/4 plank knee to chest

After last run

1000m row sprint

Steven RendonMB Conditioning 101018

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