CrossFit – Wed, Apr 24

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Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – CrossFit

Warm up (Checkmark)

2 rounds

6 cals

10 dive bombers

20 Mt Climbers

5 Hang Snatch High Pulls

5 Hang Muscle Snatch

5 Hang P. Snatch

MFLH Conditioning (Time)


12/9 Calories

9 Air Squats

6 Hang P. Snatch (75/55)

NOTES: Today’s workout is all about pacing. It’s a 20 round work out, so going really hard on the first couple of rounds would not be the brightest idea. This workout should have almost a “Cindy” feel to it where you can always keep going no matter what. Facing on the machine should be such that you can get off and immediately perform nine air squats. And the pacing on the air squats should be such that you can immediately pick the barbell up and perform six hang snatches unbroken. Get into the zone and find your flow state and this one.

Steven RendonCrossFit – Wed, Apr 24

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