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Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – MB Flex

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Metcon (No Measure)


a. 125% Hold- 5-10s

*Warm-up to working squat weight. Before first set, add weight to 125%. Unrack bar and hold at top of movement for 10s. Breathe & Brace core!


b. 6×2@80-95%

c. Squat Finisher:

30s Active Hold in the bottom of an air squat. At 30s, immediately perform MAX

air squats.

2.Power Cleans

OTM for 7min Power Clean(TnG)

*5-7 reps choose your weight based on bar cycle and speed.

3. EMOMx10

Odd: 5-10 Strict Pull-Ups*

Even- 20-30 Hollow Body Rocks

*can do weighted

Steven RendonMB Flex 7

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