MB Conditioning 031119

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Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach – MB Conditioning

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Metcon (No Measure)


500m Row

-Scorpion chest stretch(arm bent 90 degrees)

-10 mtn climber stretch 10 Inchworm punch(in push up position, punch each arm fwd) 1 Star Lunge

3rds- 2min:1min(​27min) 1. 20 Squats

10 Push-up AMRAP Burpees

*2min to complete 1 **Rest 1min before moving to…

2. 20 Reverse Goblet Lunges

10 BB/Ring Rows AMRAP KBS

*2min to complete 2 **Rest 1min before moving to…

3. 20 Step-Ups

10 DB Push Press AMRAP Box Jumps.

*2min to complete 3 **Rest 1min before moving to 1 –REPEAT 3x

Steven RendonMB Conditioning 031119

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